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a moderated icon community for all icons
Welcome to IconLounge
Why another icon community?
Yes, I know that there are tons of icon communities out there, but still I think it is very hard sometimes to find the icons you're looking for.

There are huge communities with thousands of members and dozens of posts every day, but those are very unsorted. Most people don't bother to scroll back a lot of pages to look for icons so everything that's pushed onto the second page is more or less lost.

There are also communities focussing on certain subjects, which are very well maintained, but most people don't bother to post in all those 'smaller' communities.

With IconLounge I'd like to try and combine the best things of those communities:
icons of any topic can be posted here, BUT all posts will be tagged (and the topics without a tag will be memorized) in an effort to build a huge and helpful resource for everyone looking for icons.

How can I post?
Please click here to become a member of the community. If you just want to watch this community, you can simply friend it here.

Posting Guidelines

01) ICONS ONLY this is an icon community, so icons are the only thing allowed. except for mod's posts every post has to contain icons. No preview graphics, no headers, no banners, etc.

02) 3 TEASER ICONS please use no more than 3 teaser icons. after that please use an LJ-cut or a link to the ICON POST in your journal. Please don't just post a link to your icon journal in general, because it is very frustrating for people if they have to start searching for a particular post. If you think you have to lock your icon journal, please say so in your post so people know right away that they have to sign up.

03) ADD TAGS every member is able to add tags, so please do so. Otherwise this community concept doesn't make any sense. New tags will be created by the mods and added to your post. (please note that the mods will not join members-only communities just to see the icons you've posted - we will only add the topics listed in your post)

04) please do not post huge lists of all the topics in your post, especially if you have huge multi-fandom posts or non-icon graphics. look at your post: is there more text than icons? then it's too much! besides, consider breaking down huge posts into several - your visitors will be thankful! Even more so: do not post tons of other text. You can do that in your own journal, but keep it out of your post here.

05) DO NOT disable comments to your post. Disallowing us mods to leave you a comment or to edit your tags is PISSING US OFF! Your post will be deleted!

06) DO NOT come here to promote your own communities. There are enough places out there to do that. I do not mind a simple LJ link as part of your regular icon post, but anything more than that will be deleted.

07) by signing up as a member I assume that you read these rules and are able and willing to follow them. By all means, they are VERY simple. You will get one warning only. If you don't give me a chance to remind you to follow the rules I will simply delete your post.

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